Grab n Go Visual Sensory Kit

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A bag bursting with stimulating stuff. Bag, Eye Kaleidoscope, Water snakes, Echo Ball, Moonlight Cushion, Glow Stars, Roly the laughing dog, Three Shape Mirror set, Creative Peg Puzzle, Northern lights projector, Penguin Helter Skelter, Kaleidoscope Lamp, Infinity Spinner Top, Cogwheels, Mini Spinning top, Colour mixing Glasses, Zig Zag Tower, Jumbo Glitter tube, Flashing Baton, Fibre Optic Plume, Active Rainmaker, View-Thru Geometric shapes, Sound Bank, Infinity Mirror, Jelly Fish set, Star Lamp Projector, Sensory Fidget tubes, Colourmix Sensory Tubes.

Contents may vary. 

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  • Dimensions: Storage Bag Included