Rod Wall Light Panel

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Rod Wall Slotting Activity Panel


  1. We have created an over-sized Rod Wall and the feedback has been awesome. People with vision impairment and limited motor skills love the chunky rods and the interactive, cause-effect, multi-sensory creativity this wall panel provides. A highly visual stimulus as well as the opportunity for creative interaction and control by the simple slotting.

A very rewarding and interactive multi-sensory wall panel. The large scale pegs challenge fine and gross motor skills to slot them into the predrilled holes. Your creativity can flourish as you design and redesign images. Includes 144 rods (selection of coloured, clear and black). 

A captivating visual display of colours delight the visual and tactile senses while providing an interactive and engaging strengthening experience.
Therapists can use the board to address multiple areas, such as fine and visual motor skills, balance, postural control, stereognosis, and even reciprocal engagement.

Can be hung on a wall or use on a tabletop with some friends.


size is approximately 72cm x 58cm x 8cm
262 peg holes

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: H: 28" x W: 22" x D: 3"; ** Rods: L: 2.25". Rod Wall Wt: 32 lb. x Dia. 1"

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Christy W.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 06/08/19
Great. Just like a jumbo light brite. Wish it was larger.