Touch A Colour Podium Complete

Our Ref #: 9TACP

Options to choose from:

Tap or lightly touch the colors on top of the pad to change the colour within your Water, Whirlwind, or Rainbow Frosted Bubble Tube.

Designed to encourage and reward gross motor, bilateral, and fine motor planning skills while providing effective, real-time feed back, for cause and effect.

Price includes touch-a-colour podium top made from a soft vinyl pad with no top seams and a hard-wired connection for your TFH Column. Additionally, the four-sided mirrored base., two sides with acrylic mirrors, two sides to place into a room corner.

Does not include a bubble, whirlwind, or frosted tube - Please order the six inch (regular tube) that best suits your sensory room's needs and goals.

Pro Tip: Rainbow Frosted Tubes give off the deepest, purest colour and are absolutely silent.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 36" x W: 36" x H" 18"