Genie Fiber Optic Strings

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Genie Controlled Fibre Optic Spray


Fiber Optic Tails, enhanced by MSE Genie technology, offer a versatile and sensory-rich experience for users, particularly those with special needs or sensory processing difficulties. The inclusion of visual, tactile, and weighted benefits makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Proprioceptive & Vestibular Stimulation:
The Fiber Optic Tails stimulate both the proprioceptive and vestibular systems, contributing to a calming and soothing effect. These features are especially beneficial for individuals with sensory processing challenges.

Accessibility for Low Vision Users:
The brilliant, smooth color-changing lights along the entire length of the strand make the Fiber Optic Tails inclusive for individuals with low vision. The visual stimulation provided by the lights can be enjoyed by a diverse range of users.

Versatile Usage:
Users can engage with the fiber optic strands individually or in groups. Activities such as combing, counting, or using them as a sensory brush on the arm or leg add a dynamic and interactive dimension to the experience.

Weighted Comfort:
Each selection of fiber optic tails offers a specific amount of weight. This added weight can provide a comforting sensation when laid on the body, contributing to a sense of security and relaxation.

MSE Genie Technology:
The MSE Genie technology introduces a convenient way to control the fiber optics using an iPad or iPhone. The Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need for WiFi, enhancing accessibility. The technology includes the Fiber Optic Spray, Genie Sparkle Light Source with a receiver.

App-Controlled Options:
The free app available on iTunes allows users to enjoy various options at their fingertips. This could include controlling the color patterns, intensity, or other features of the fiber optics, providing a customizable and personalized experience.

The combination of tactile, visual, and weighted elements, along with the MSE Genie technology, makes the Fiber Optic Tails a versatile and inclusive product for individuals seeking sensory stimulation and relaxation.

Genie Fiber Optic Instructions
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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 80" Long Strands
  • Power: Low Wattage - LED