Interactive, Water Bubble Columns

Our Ref #: 9BC120N

Options to choose from:

A Must Have for every Sensory Room and calming space! Choose the right height for your space, from our Standard 6" dia. Tubes (15 cm) Many sensory spaces have this standard 6" diameter column that has interactive controllable colours (use the included wired button colour selection box). Pre-programmed to independently, slowly, cycle through a pre-set of colours when not controlled by the user.

Green Tube shown is the 9BC200

TFH Interactive Columns include a wired Colour Controller (9SPSL) to enable the user to have complete control to see and mix the 16 Colour options available.

Users love to choose and mix colours. Confidence builds with the ability to manipulate the wide ranges of colours. Tubes are made from thick acrylic and include a long lasting air motor, which is great because the tubes are cool to the touch and provide deep vibrations.

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6" Diameter
  • Power: Low Voltage Plug