Knotted Fibre Optic Spray

Our Ref #: 9KNFP

Options to choose from


Jumbo, thick sized, bamboo style tactile fibre optics are even easier for people of all ages to hold and explore the tactile knobbly surfaces. They have a 'knotted' effect outer sheathing which gives the extra dimension of touch to the sensory experience. 

The thicker diameter of these fibre optic tails provides a wider pin of light for easier viewing and a larger surface for more feedback opportunities.

The TFH Canada Bamboo style tails consist of larger diameter tails of polymer fibres that are enclosed in a bamboo effect sheathing, which glows gently with your light source. The bamboo effect sheathing delivers excellent tactile stimulation and also makes the tails more robust and easier to handle.

Swap out or update your current fibre optic tails from your Multi Sensory Room and opt in for a thicker textured tail.

*** Light source NOT included with 9KNFP
9KNFPX includes Sparkle Light Source

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 12 tails, 2 meters long