Fibre Optic Curtain Wall Mount

Our Ref #: 9UVWFOC


Place in a darkened entry way or attach from a wall for visual and tactile sensory input. Comes assembled with 100 UV fiber optic strands , up to 72" long threaded into our wood frame. Stretching out 36" into the room from the wall.

Plug in to see the colours light up, or cast a UV Light Source (9UVLEDB) and watch the tails glow in UV light.
Price includes a light source, tails, and wall bracket (delivered assembled).

Mounts securely to any wall and is a great alternative when space is at a premium.

The plastic Fiber Optic Strands can be safely handled & enjoyed for tactile and visual exploration. Provides great visual stimulation for users with sensory processing disorders, difficulties or special needs.
Should not be put in the mouth.