Fibre Optic, Light Source Wall Sconce

Our Ref #: 9FOBXN

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The strong wooden box protects the fibre optic tails electronic light source and keeps the electrical box and cables safely out of reach (simple out of sight and out of mind), allowing the fibre optic cables to be mounted to the wall - horizontally, vertically or inverted to produce a cascade effect over the included acrylic mirror cover. Choose how you want the fibre optic tails to cascade and simply pull the tails through the pre-drilled hole. Fibre Optic tails are sold separately.  
TFH Sensory Room light-up tails are fascinating to look at and satisfying to fidget with, making it the perfect visual and sensory stimulation toy to add to your multi-sensory environment, space or room. Ideal for people with special needs, attention deficit or sensory processing difficulties.
(Tails Available in clear 91MSG or UV glow 9UVMS)

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 17" x 10" x 20"