Lights & Bubbles Water Panel

Our Ref #: 9BW120A

Lights & Bubbles Water Panel


Use the bubble walls for prediction; tactile engagement through low vibration; visual tracking; fine motor control; position, size, and location comparison; as well as colour recognition.

Very little water is needed to fill this water panel of bubbling water! With easy access flow control for bubbles, choose from a range of "Loads of Bubbles" to "Sporadic". When you choose the highest flow rate of air, there are a lot of quick flowing bubbles which is very engaging, eye catching, and stimulating. The lowest flow of air provides "Jelly Fish" sized bubbles that softly float to the top before disappearing, provides a long pause in between sensory stimulations; low flow is generally calmer as you wait for the next burst of air.

Item installs easily on any wall.  Mounting Hardware not included.

Control the colours through wired or wireless products:

 4 button colour selector box Product Code: 9SPSL
Colour Cube Product Code: 9BCCC
Tilt Control Product Code: 9STLT
Floor Pad Product Code: 9MSQRM
Feather Wall Pad Product Code: 9CTFR
MSE Genie App Product Code: 9BTRX

Dimensions: 40cm w x 120cm h x 10cm d
                     40cm w x 150cm h x 10cm d