Ooze Tube

Our Ref #: 5OOZE



Engage in a visual sensory experience with fun & vibrant Ooze Tubes!

This sensory education tool helps to engage minds whilst also providing a visually satisfying experience as the colourful liquid oozes through the tubes. 

Provide a sense of calm wherever you are with this toy, allowing you to focus on the liquid as it flows from top to bottom. Ideal for use in classrooms to provide escapism from busy and sometimes hectic environments.

The container for this visual sensory toy is permanently sealed, helping to keep users safe while using. 

Please note:
The liquid in the tube may be harmful if ingested, please do not put it near the mouth. Carefully discard the item and contents if cracked or broken. Contents may stain. 

Colours vary. 
Size - 5"H x 2"D 
Price is for 1.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 5"H x 2"D