Our Ref #: 3AQRD


 A Rotating electronic aquarium can operate with the simple slide switch or add your external switch to make it an adapted toy that is captivating, brightly coloured, and silent.

This Adapted Toy provides overlapping undersea images that rotate at different speeds behind a rippled surface. Simply attach your 1/8 inch lead adapter to this simple interactive sensory solution and be rewarded with soft light, and a silent show.

A beautiful tabletop and easily portable piece of sensory room equipment.

Press the button and the LEDs inside the lamp illuminate, lighting up the undersea adventure on the side of the lamp. As the lights shine the internal body of the lamp slowly rotates, causing the colourful seascape to follow, predict, and enjoy.

Requires a 1/8 inch switch to operate the toy.

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 8 cm
  • Power: 6x C-type or USB cable (provided)