Hoister - Sensory Integration Special Needs Toy


As riders get heavier it becomes more difficult to incorporate Sensory Integration therapy into their routine. Our compact block and tackle system quarters the effort required to lift a weight. Riders may even be able to hoist themselves up (though lowering requires an angle unavailable from the swing). Tip: when working with heavier users employ a beanbag and you only need to raise the rider a smidge to remove the support


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 270kg max

1 Review

Phyllis N.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 05/07/15
Fantastic idea. The problem with it is the rope isn't long enough. We use a rise and fall chair so we can just about use it. I cannot see it being of much use to someone in an ordinary wheelchair, it just wouldn't reach. TFH have been very frugal with the rope I'm afraid.