Sensory Integration Beam - Bespoke Sensory Room Equipment

Our Ref #: 8SIBM
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Our Sensory Integration Beam is perfect for sensory integration therapy settings. They are made-to-measure by our own team ensuring you get a quality product at the end of it, price is size dependent. The beautifully varnished wooden heavy duty frame has a clever track system that offers enormous flexibility allowing the user to attach multiple suspension devices onto. This is not a bother either as when not in use you can slide them all the way over so they are not in the way. Sensory Integration Beam allows 4 different swings that each provide vestibular sensory input for the user and it encourages participation as one or more people can use it.  Please note that we can affix the supports to the wall if it is suitable, if not then we will add stabilisers and bolt to the floor.   Installation not included.