Platform Swings

Our Ref #: 8BRPT


Our Light Platform Swing is perfect for sensory integration and will ensure the user a fun time whilst being provided with vestibular sensory input. It is very light, comfortable to sit on and allows the user to see their surroundings, including the ground. They are very popular in parks because it's a fun place to be with others but you can also keep it in the garden as a garden swing and feel free to swing on it as much as you want.  Light Platform Swing includes a soft foam surround and a net that is soft making it very comfortable to sit on and isn't rough to touch. It has 4 adjustable ropes to be changed to the users desires, whether you want it higher or lower off the ground.  The great thing is that Light Platform Swing can be left outside all year round which means no faffing around or having to keep on packing it away.  70 cm x 70 cm Swing/Suspension Frame sold separately.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 70cm square, 90kg max