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Bouncing is a widely used technique to help calm anxious children and is a fun way to improve core strength and support motor development. The perpetual motion of the TFH bouncing chair provides vestibular and proprioceptive input that can be beneficial for a wide range of Sensory Processing Disorders. When the child moves, the chair moves. Kinetic energy keeps the chair moving until it gradually slows down, requiring the child to move again to continue bouncing. There are three sizes available. The following is provided as a guideline to help you choose the best size for your child. When the child outgrows the Light version, the Standard cover allows an easy upgrade to ensure children can carry on using the frame of the chair for as long as possible. Please contact us if you would like further assistance: -Light Ref: 8BOCHL Light blue cover and frame for children weighing 16-20kg; age recommendation up to 6yrs; height from seat to top of frame 53cms; width 50cms; depth of seat 16cms. -Standard Ref: 8BOCH Dark blue cover and frame for children weighing 20-25kg; age recommendation up to 6ys; height from seat to top of frame 63cms; width 50cms; depth of seat 21cms. -Bigger Ref: 8BOCHX Red cover and a larger frame for children weighing between 25 and 30kg; age recommendation up to 9 yrs; height from seat to top of frame 80cms; width 50cms; depth of seat 27cms. All chairs include our Deluxe Harness. *Assembly required.

VAT relief available on this product.

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  • Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 80cm high ; seat depth 21cm

32 Reviews

Jason B.Verified Buyer.
great product
Mrs e H.Verified Buyer.
Excellent product, gives my Son the feedback he requires. Fast delivery too. One improvement would be the harness adjustments, as its set in one place, even though can be lengthened, it is too high up my Sons body.
Klaus-jÜrgen S.Verified Buyer.
Super exactly right for my grandson. Thanks for the Super Fast Shipping.
Elizabeth A.Verified Buyer.
Amazing, my little boy is 9 and he loves it
Amy M.Verified Buyer.
fantastic! My son absolutely loves it. Plenty of growing room. And super fast delivery.
Kristy K.Verified Buyer.
This chair is perfect for my 10 year old daughter who loves to be bounced! She cannot move it herself, but we do it for her and she just giggles with pure joy.
Jamie K.Verified Buyer.
Love it!
Joyce H.Verified Buyer.
Very nice. Only problem was with instructions. Says to bring ties thru spring and tie for hem in a knot. They are too short and there is Velcro sewed on, but nothing to attach it to.
Nicole B.Verified Buyer.
This is a great piece of equipment. Our little one loves sitting and bouncing in it. It is large enough to grow with her. Very comfy, easy to use, and easy to add to her adaptive equipment!
Emma M.Verified Buyer.
I like the chair but it would be better if there were a number of places on the frame to attach the straps to. My son is a little to small for it and the harness doesn't fit quite right. It would also be useful if it could fold for easy transport. Other than though it is a handy chair that he can sit in when we visit friends rather than sitting in someone's lap, lying on the floor or bringing a huge wheelchair which isn't always practical. A couple of simple changes could make this good product into a great one.
Kristina H.Verified Buyer.
Brilliant exactly what my son needed
Michele J.Verified Buyer.
Our little boy 3 and a 1/2yrs old is very sensory has snapped 3 baby bouncing chairs this one he finds a little hard but has already got used to it and is using daily. It is big but should last him a few years! Very happy little man! :)
S E.Verified Buyer.
The chair is really good although my son needs additional trunk and head control so I have needed to add this. The only design fault I can see is the straps which attach to the upper part of the harness are placed as the side of the chair rather than up at the top of the chair which would allow the harness to snuggly support the shoulders. As it is the harness is pulled across horizontally and looks a bit odd! It is a bit pricing but most SEN equipment is I'm afraid!!!
Alison G.Verified Buyer.
Good chair, very sturdy.
Mandy K.Verified Buyer.
We ordered this chair for our sons Christmas present, it arrived well within the time stated. It was straight forward to assemble and is a wonderful product that our son loves. We would say it's the best present ever. A wonderful invention, we would love it in a larger size for when Dylan has grown out of it.
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