Clear Painting Easel - Self Expression Sensory Toy


Engaging in artistic pursuits can be hugely beneficial for children (and adults!) of all ages. Art can help relieve anxiety and stress, provide a viable alternative to verbal communication and stave off boredom. The Clear Painting Easel is ideal for individuals, but also enables art to become a shared activity if desired – providing an opportunity to develop both socialisation and communication skills. The clear surface allows both sides of the easel to be used – ideal for two-player drawing based games which encourage cognitive development, or artistic creations. For example, one child can draw a head, whilst the other draws the body – resulting in a joint creation. Art therapy is widely used to encourage children with learning developmental delays associated with conditions including Autism and Down’s Syndrome to express themselves, and also helps to develop the fine motor skills needed to hold a pen, pencil or paint brush. Art can also provide proprioceptive input for children with sensory integration needs by helping them to understand the amount of force required to make a mark on the surface of the easel. The Clear Painting Easel provides easy access to the benefits of taking part in art, with a fraction of the mess of using paint on paper! Wet erasers are easily cleaned from the easel’s surface so no mark is permanent if the user changes their mind and the equipment can be quickly cleaned and stored if required.    


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  • Dimensions: 60 x 40cm

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Christina P.Verified Buyer.
Such a good idea and easy to use