Towelgami - Achievement Sensory Toy



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Opportunities for learning through play can occur at any time of the day and in practically any situation. With a bit of imagination and creativity, even the simplest everyday item can be turned into a toy to encourage learning. Cloths can be a useful tool for engaging in imaginative play – games such as peek-a-boo can make a chore like face washing way more fun. These ‘towelgami’ towels from TFH are designed to help children with a range of learning and physical delays develop their key skills. Following the bold directional arrows encourages cognitive development, whilst the action of gripping the towel to fold it helps improve fine motor skills. The simple instructions help to teach the concept of following a defined order of actions in order to achieve a specific outcome. It also encourages persistence – if the child’s first attempt does not result in the desired outcome, they should be encouraged to think it through and try again. This type of learning is referred to as developing Higher Order Thinking Skills.

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  • Dimensions: 30 x 32cm