Space Galaxy

Our Ref #: 2SMSG



This large wall art of Space Galaxy is a visually interesting mural, perfect to add into my space. Use it with some other decor such as: mirror balls and pin lights, small reflective spaces like Mirror Bowls and Frosted Bubble Columns. 

Add and layer up the sensory room effects with our Solar 250 projector saver pack with Space Themed wheels and galactic cassette images. Or purchase a Leaf Chair to gently sway in, soothingly as you relax in this calm atmosphere.

This large wall art is perfect for a home mural or for a sensory space. This sensory wall mural is simple to display - hang it on your wall to change the whole aesthetic of your room. Alternatively, put it in a playroom or bedroom, to help create an out of this world design.

Custom item, not eligible for return.