Effects Wheel, A Walk in the Country

Our Ref #: 9NCTD



This projector wheel includes pictures of different birds flying in a country scene. A background of meadows, serene forests, with lush and lovely vistas where you can clear away the cobwebs and remember the fresh air experience of the countryside. This sensory room wheel takes you to the countryside in no time at all. A walk in the country is always waiting for you with this calming sensory tool. Pack a snack and layer in some soothing natural sounds to complete the transformation.

The wheel is a projection accessory to any of these Sensory Room Projectors: Solar Projector (9NPRS), TFH SNAP Projector (9BRPJ), Aura Projector (9AUPJ), each sold separately on this website. 

A Wheel Rotator is included with the cost of all of our Projectors.