Sensory Room Magic Genie Starter System

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You get a turn-key, fully functioning, computer-driven Sensory Room for this price.  Engage with all that a Sensory Room has to offer with this all in one kit! The Computer and Sensory Room Products are all included for the price shown.

You provide the room, and we provide all the standard Sensory Room Starter products at one price.

Sensory Room Magic Genie Starter Kit Includes:
All the products (as listed below) and the technology needed for a completely Interactive Sensory Room.
The Ipad tablet is set up to drive and interact with the clients/students of your Multi-Sensory Room!

Magic Genie Kit includes:

  •  Portable Sensory Room Magic Genie Application on a preloaded iPad
  •  Interactive SNAP Projector
  •  6 Projection Wheels of your choice (1 liquid wheel)
  •  2-meter Interactive Aquarium Bubble Tube with colour and power selection
  •  Padded Podium Base to sit on with a white soft vinyl pad top 
  •  200 Strands of Interactive Fiber Optic Tails with colour and power selection 
  •  Interactive Colour Wash of Light
  •  Self-Supporting Video Projection System
  •  2 Acrylic  Mirrors
  •  Universal Wireless Button Control Box

MSE Genie Set-Up Instructions
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