Switch Activated Bubble Machine

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Activate your external switch to turn the bubbles on and off. Please use your 1/8 lead switch or purchase a switch from us.
A portable machine that will blast out bubbles! 
Chase the bubbles as they float away. Large capacity bubble mix tank for high-volume bubble production.

The Bubble Machine Adapted Reward is a delightful and switch interactive toy designed to engage children in a mesmerizing sensory experience while promoting understanding of cause and effect. This adapted toy features a charming bubble machine that fills the air with a cascade of bubbles, creating an enchanting atmosphere of fun and wonder.
At the heart of this toy is an intuitive switch mechanism, specially adapted to accommodate children with motor challenges or special needs. By activating the switch, children can effortlessly initiate the magical bubble-making process, experiencing the joy and satisfaction of causing a delightful outcome.
More than just entertainment, the Bubble Machine Adapted Reward serves as a valuable educational tool, encouraging cognitive development as children learn to associate their actions with the resulting effects. Through playful interaction with the switch, children enhance their understanding of cause-and-effect relationships in a fun and engaging way.
Whether used in therapy sessions, classrooms, or at home, the Bubble Machine Adapted Reward offers a captivating sensory experience that inspires creativity, fosters exploration, and brings smiles to children's faces. With its inclusive design and irresistible allure, this toy provides endless hours of joy and enrichment for children of all abilities.

Confirmed compatible with Switch it up! Adaptive Switch product code 3SWIU https://specialneedstoys.com/can/cognition/switch-it-up-adaptive-switch.html

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