See Through Big Buttons



Translucent Really Big Buttons™ are perfect for motor manipulation activities while learning at home.

Introduce counting, sorting, and shape recognition with extra big buttons in bright colours. They go great on our new Educational Light Cube allowing the bright colors to change with the Light Cubes colors! String the buttons onto colorful bits of fabric, suspend them in front of the window to cast beautiful colours in your room. Work on Maths with patterns, and art with colour. Sort by attributes of colour and or shape.

Increase confidence with button activities: Set up the task so that the child picks up the button with one hand and catches the disk on the other side of the slot with the other hand. Putting out a container to receive the finished disks helps to make that clear. If the disk is dropped go ahead and put that disk back to the to-do pile to try again.

This product is enhanced when paired with the Educational Light Cube.  Teacher’s #1 Choice!  Unique and innovative.