Water, Giant Bubble Columns

Our Ref #: 9BC120NG

Options to choose from:

Our Giant Bubble Water Column acts as a fascinating and soothing sensory bubble lamp for aiding sensory processing difficulties. The bubble tube lamp will change between soothing colours, and is ideal for multi-sensory environments. 

The diameter is 8".  The colour control button box is included with your tube.

Bubble tubes are used as a core tool that is complimentary for every sensory regulation activity.  When used by trained facilitators, bubble columns encourage interactivity by stimulating visual tracking, colour recognition, physical movement (reaching, looking up) and hand-eye coordination.

We Suggest These Products:

Acrylic Mirror panels provide further sensory input, creating the illusion of more bubble tubes. (product code 9NMRS2)
Provide choice and control of the sensory stimuli levels. Aid assessment of individual preferences/likes/dislikes, assist with teaching and learning skills (using compatible colour switches (product code 9SPSL), Genie App wireless Controller (product code 9BTRX) and many others, contact us for further details and choices.
Consider adding an additional set of fish (9BCFSH) which will provide even greater visual stimulation!
A Bubble tube collar is recommended to secure the bubble tube to a wall (product code 9BCBRG)