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The omiVista mobile system is a body sensitive system which projects different interactive playscapes that are both entertaining and educational therefore making it more beneficial to have. It will develop visual and auditory sensory needs whilst projecting beautiful playscapes with loads of different colours and sounds which are very enticing. omiVista mobile gets you up and makes you active making it a fun way of excersise and also improving motor skills and making the bones stronger whilst gaining control. To get a fun filled time full of entertainment then the omiVista Mobile is just the thing you need. Make it even more fun and bring a friend along!

OmiVista Mobii Plus-9OMVMP

The Editable Mobii+ version maximises creative use of the system as it enables staff and students to create their own Apps with their own visuals/sounds. The user-friendly Content Creator & Editor Software is available with all of our omiVista systems.

• Self-contained portable system  
• Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ apps
• Manuals with session guidelines
• Remote Control
• Dust cover
• System size: 70 x 50 x 101-130cm 28kg
• Image size: 1.6 x 1m (Table)
• Image size: 2-3m wide (Floor)

Mobii+ includes
• Content Creator & Editor Software