Footnotes - Musical Stepping Stones

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If you're someone that requires extra sensory input then Footnotes is great for you. Each time you step on a Footnote it makes a noise! They can be spread around on the floor and you can jump on them, making sounds as you go or play them with their hands. The colours are captivating and lovely to look at. It is a great way to be social as you can play with more than one person making playtime more fun. 

Footnotes is a movement sensitive game that will develop motor skills and make muscles stronger. 

  • Eight-note music stepping pad set
  • These pads use Suzuki's reed technology, where pressure on the playing surface activates a bellows playing a reed
  • One complete octave starting with C
  • Each pad has the staff and note printed on it
  • Have the children play a song as each child is given a specific note to play
  • Pad diameter: 30 cm, Maximum weight: 80 kgs.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 30cm dia

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Debbie S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 01/04/15
Is used by mobile soft play organisation. The kids love them are constantly inventive with games. We are going to purchase some other similar ones. I tested them at home with my children who are 9 and 10 and they were a bit noisy but the children who join us for a session are from toddlers to 4 years old and some can make them sound and some not. This is very funny as they try to work it out!