Giant Tickle Tunnel - Mobility Sensory Toy

Our Ref #: 8GTMT
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Prepare for a wild adventure inside our gigantic, laughter-filled tent! Marvel at its fantastic ventilation that keeps things fresh while you keep an eye on your kids' epic play. This enhanced features of this fun and spacious tent also offers several advantages to special needs children: 

  1. Safe Observation: The unobstructed view of the children at play ensures that parents and caregivers can closely monitor their activities. This is particularly important for children with special needs who may require extra attention and supervision.

  2. Comfortable Environment: The excellent ventilation means that the tent remains comfortable and well-aired, which can be crucial for children with sensory sensitivities. It helps create a more inclusive and sensory-friendly play space.

  3. Inclusive Play: The large size of the tent provides ample space for various play activities, making it an inclusive environment where children of all abilities can engage in play together. This promotes social interaction and allows special needs children to join in without feeling excluded.

  1. Learning Opportunities: Special needs children can benefit from play as a way to develop essential skills. The tent's spacious interior and clear visibility allow for a variety of educational games and activities that can aid in their development.

Product specification:

Size: 160 x 170 x 270cm, 6.83kgs

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: W160 x H170 x L270cm