Assessing and Supporting Communication



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Assessing and Supporting Communication - Poster with Guidance Notes Working in AAC, we often ask the question, ‘At what point in communication development is it relevant to introduce AAC?’ The visual guide ‘Assessing and Supporting Communication’ (ASC) by Irene Leber, offers a systematic overview of the support strategies and potential AAC approaches for each stage in communication development: from the initial steps which support a person’s early understanding, to the introduction of a complex communication system. The Poster covers communication development from pre-intentional to symbolic communication and beyond to expanding vocabulary. It gives examples of behaviors to observe at each stage of development, and allows profiling of a person’s communication skills. The guide can be used when working with children or adults and is most useful for assessing those non-verbal individuals who cannot respond in formal assessments or demonstrate their understanding through formal means, although the author clearly states it is NOT designed for those with Autism, who may have a spiky developmental profile. The ASC Poster is also useful in discussions with colleagues and families, especially when wishing to agree communication targets, interventions or relevant support strategies for an individual.