Grab n Go Auditory Sensory Kit - Auditory Sensory Toy


A big bag of noisy goodies. Bag, Active Rainmaker, Bodhran Drum, Clatterpillar, Concertina, Singalong Nursery Rhymes Puzzle set 1 and set 2, Laughing Dog, Farm Sound Blocks, Vehicle Sound Blocks, Sound Activated Parrot, 3 Piece Traditional Percussion Set, Windchime, Bendy Bells, Noisy Tube, Sleigh Bells, Farmyard Answer Buzzers, CD Box Set, Set 3 Space Blankets, 2 x Egg Shakers, Tri-Me Sounds, Squistle, Sea Sound Toy, Squeak Changer, Multi-Voice changer. Contents may vary.


£349.00 (exc. VAT)

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