Rainbow Fish



Stimulate your senses and your artistic side with this beautiful aquatic mural of colourful fish on a neutral background. The dark tones of the background will help to absorb some of the brightness of the room enabling the lighted products and spaces to become more noticeable and brilliant.  This mural often is used to begin a discussion on the nature of sharing, beauty, and happiness. When the wall is illuminated by the Bubble tubes and projectors in your sensory room, the colours of the fish interact and reveal new colour depths and combinations.

Pro Tip: chat about the book Rainbow Fish and how they see how happy the blue fish is to have one of Rainbows' special scales, and Rainbow becomes very happy as well! Rainbow Fish shares a scale with lots of other fish, creating happiness in both himself and the other fish. 

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 15' W x 8' H