Colour Changing Egg Light

Our Ref #: 5MDEG



Promote basic colour learning and understanding with this fascinating sensory lamp. 

The smooth and colourful glow of this colour changing light helps to draw in the user’s attention, providing visual stimulation through the ambient light.
The fun egg-light shape of this light makes it a fun and exciting addition to a sensory room, creating visual intrigue through casting a soft projected light. This lamp is portable, durable, and rechargeable making it safe and easy to use wherever you like in your sensory room.

Support learning and predicting skills by using this as a base for building a soft night light or backdrop inside your safe sensory break space like a Dark Den.

Easy clean surface is ideal for ART EXPLORATION

The warming glow provided by this Sensory Colour Changing Egg provides brilliant yet calming visual stimulation to its user making it the perfect sensory toy.
22 x 22 x 34cm.


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 37 cm