Whirlwind Tube, Budget Saver

Our Ref #: 9HC120U



Discover a world of fun in an affordable lightweight solution with our waterless whirlwind tube. A great sensory education tool for providing visual stimulation for any room.

The TFH Budget waterless Air Tube is the answer to wanting a maintenance free bubble tube at an affordable price. This Bubble Column has no water. This light up sensory equipment is a great option for situations when infection control is a concern; and you would prefer not to use a water filled tube.

Our unique design of this visual sensory tool uses the same durable acrylic tube but with no water which means no maintenance.  The inner tube funnels the specially coated styrofoam beads up through the tube simulating the calming effects of water.  The LED light smoothly transitions through  the colours maintaining focus and attention.  This tube has a jack for a 1/4" Switch which will stop and restart the fan. You can also place your hand on and off the grill at the top to stop the air flow.  Being 48"H  and only 4" in diameter,  it is perfect for any personal use, sensory space or bedroom.

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Nancy O.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 23/05/18