Fiber Optic Suspended Waterfall Lights

Our Ref #: 9UVFOWL



Experience the cascading Fiber Optic Suspended Waterfall Lights shimmering and surrounding you with soft, calming light. The fiber optic sensory lights act as a sensory curtain, displaying a waterfall of colour, perfect for any sensory space! The mesmerizing sensory lights offer scope for a tremendous tactile and visual experience as they elevate your sensory room.

200 strands of multi sensory, fibre optic tails envelope and transform your space into a relaxing client controlled (choose Interactive) sensory experience.

Our suspended sensory lights are approximately 2M long (79").
Price includes Light Source and the Fiber Optic Tails threaded through the under-mirrored, white 24" panel. Panel must be secured to the ceiling joist with appropriate hardware (supplied by you).