Caterpillar 5 Piece Wall Panel


Five different panels create a wall of fun based on a friendly caterpillar and offer several children different possibilities to play. Clear designs require no instructions so children can dive right in. On the Head Panel (22.44" x 19.88" x 10.63") you can make the beads dance from one ladybug spot to another. On the Labyrinth Panel (20.65" x 17.20" x 2.70") you can trace the magnetic bassl through the maze with the wands. On the Balance Panel (20.65" x 17.20" x 2.70") you can practice counting and balancing by dividing the magnetic balls to each side of the sand hill. On the Clock Panel (17.20" x 18.08" x 4.40") you can practice telling time or assign a time for different periods of the day or even time of the year. The Gears Panel (17.20" x 18.08" x 4.40) has brightly colored and elaborately decorated gears that create exciting visual effects when the dials are turned.


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