Single & Multi Dot Mirrors


Giant Domed Mirror made from scratch-resistant acrylic, these mirror panels are safe and ideal for any sensory, classroom, or therapy play setting. People are drawn to mirrors for the observation of themselves and objects. The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun, and interesting view of the world to explore. They can be sited inside or outside to any flat surface.

Play with your vision and sense of object permanence. Move the presented object up high, down low, and to either side to watch and track the moving changing reflection.
Compare the size reflection properties from a single bubble mirror to multiple bubble mirrors.

The big Single Dot "fish eye" or diverging mirror, bulges out like a dome and diffuses the presented image - Everything it reflects or looks Smaller than it actually is.

See out other Dome Style Mirrors:
The Mirrors with 4, 9 , or 16 Dots Multiply the image in a refracted way - Hold one teddy bear in front of the 9 dot mirror and NINE Teddy's are reflected back at you! 

Mix and Pattern these visually reflective sensory panels within your calming sensory space.

Options to choose from:

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 49cm / 19.3" Square