Soft & Safe Mirrored Sensory Den

Our Ref #: 9KKHH



The Soft & Safe Mirrored Safety Den is vinyl-covered foam with velcro design and is easy to assemble, enabling you to quickly create a calming den in any room.

Create a safe, self-soothing space for sensory processing and self-regulation. Ideal to place in multi-sensory environments, bedrooms or even classrooms. Users with special needs or sensory processing disorders benefit from having a private space to calm down and stimulate the senses.

The TFH soft-sided sensory den folds flat and sets up in a few seconds, so you can easily transport this small sensory room. The space within feels larger than it is because of the acrylic tunnel of mirrors held safely within the vinyl walls. The large doorway allows the user to stay in touch with the outside space while maintaining a safe distance and visual barrier.

A favourite addition is the Light Up Sensory Kit (3LUSK)

Designed to be lit by a set of Fiber Optic tails (not included) or a small bubble column (not included).

Dimensions:   100cm x 120cm x 120cm