Genie Whirlwind Tubes

Our Ref #: 9HC120GN

Options to choose from:

We were the first to create a waterless tube so more individuals could receive the soothing and relaxing benefits similar to our Water filled Bubble Tubes. Specially-coated styrofoam beads dance inside a sturdy acrylic tube and reflect the abundant colours offered by our LED lights. The ability to adjust the speed of the fan allows more flexibility to create custom sessions.

With our Bluetooth Magic Genie technology, you can control your Hurricane Air Tube from your iPhone or iPad. This Hurricane Tube includes the MSE Genie Receiver. All you need to do is download the FREE MSE Genie App from the App Store and you are ready to go.

Our MSE Genie App allows the facilitator to customize the session for each individual.

  • Turn On or Off Genie Linked Equipment
  • Control two pieces of equipment with your iPad or iPhone
  • Add more MSE Genie Receivers and you can control all your TFH Sensory Room Equipment. Contact us for custom design
  • Develop interactive storytelling
  • Allow any wireless controller to interact with any Genie Linked product

As the facilitator, you get to choose:

  • Which equipment is "on" or "off"
  • Enable your client to select which equipment to control.
  • Which type of controller the client uses (5 options to choose from; large colour controller; small colour controller; colour mixing ; colour ladder with piano scales)
  • How many controls and products the user has access to.

Client User gets to:

  • Have a blast using their iPad or iPhone to control their environment
  • Learn colour recognition and discrimination.
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Hone tracking and cause-effect understanding
  • Gain independence and empowerment skills
  • Relax and enjoy visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 48" - 80" Tall, 6" dia.