Quadrant Tube Podium


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The Quadrant Tube Podium is part of our Modular Sensory Room System and is compatible with all Budget, Standard, and Giant TFH Bubble and Hurricane Tubes. This rounded podium bench is a perfect soft play accessory to ensure safe sensory sessions. The cushioned seats are comfortable and safe, ideal for individuals with special needs.
Our new Modular Sensory Room System allows you to create many different configurations within your sensory room with this, our Square Corner Tube Podium and our Quadrant Tube Podiums and Quadrant and Square  Podium Benches. Our Waterbeds can also be added to these configurations. Contact one of our consultants today for a quote (mse@tfhcanada.com).
Made of sturdy wood, the bottom has a beautifully reflective acrylic mirror to amplify the visuals and light in the room. The top has a soft, comfortable foam cushion covered with strong white vinyl. Easy to disinfect between users.

The Quadrant Tube Podium is compatible with all TFH Water Bubble Columns Budget, Standard, and Giant as well as Whirlwind Air Tubes

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 16"H