Large Bounce Chair

Our Ref #: 8MBCS



A therapy ball that will not roll away! Wiggle and fidget without distracting others! Soothe students' anxiety, frustration and hyperactivity. Its flexibility and shape can help improve one's sense of balance as well as adjust one's vertebrae and posture. The high back rest provides unparalleled comfort and helps promote blood flow to the legs. The ball can be manually inflated to suit your personal preference.
The Large Chair has a weight limit of 220 Lbs. and the ball should be inflated to 18.75" to 20.5" for best results.

This bounce ball chair is a sensory solution output tool for children & adults who may need additional support with sensory processing or focusing strategies.

8MBCL - The Small version of this chair has a weight limit of 135 Lbs. and the ball should be inflated to 14" to 15.5" for best results. 

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 49 x 59 x 79cm