Giant Light-Up LED Spinning Wand

Our Ref #: 2LUCW



Light up the night with ever-changing patterns of colour with this vibrant spinning wand. Watch as the light-up toy glows and changes colour, providing hours of fun and encouraging visual tracking as users follow the lights as the wand spins and changes colour.

Wands threaded with long-lasting LED lights to provide the mesmerising light effects.

This visual sensory tool is accessible to a wide range of abilities with the easy-to-use on and off switch. 

Just rotate the head to the desired angle, flip the switch, and watch it come sparkling to life! Two windmill-like arms threaded with colour-changing LED lights spin ever-changing patterns of colour to brighten the night.

Make it easier to hold onto with an Easy Grip Hand Strap sold separately (7EZHL).

The price is for one wand.
Colours vary
Requires three AA batteries