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Climb into our cozy nest swing, and sway like a pirate at the top of a crows nest. Slide in with a cozy blanket and rock the afternoon away under a favorite tree on this soft platform. Teenagers love this swing as it does not look babyish but can easily swing your most fragile and loved children. We have even seen a lemur love this swing!

A swinging motion continually moves the fluid inside the vestibular system and, coupled with trying to physically balance the body, effectively forces the brain to consider where the body is in relation to its environment. This not only helps to develop balance and trunk control, but it can also help people to interact with their environment. The Cloud Swing’s see-through net seat also helps users with sensory integration as they can safely see the ground ‘moving’ below them.

Designed to withstand even the most Canadian of weather, the Cloud Swing can be kept outside all year round and its construction means users can swing from side to side and round in circles, as well as the more traditional linear movement.

Swing Spinner not included.  Use code 8SWVL to purchase.


100 cm diameter
rope length = 185cm
weight limit - tested to 280 pounds
CSA -Z614 compliant

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 100 cm diam

13 Reviews

Sarah C.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 26/04/22
My daughter absolutely loves it!
Nektarios P.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 18/08/18
Great Product & Well Made
David C.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 19/03/18
Fabulous company. Great sevice
Dennis Y.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 18/09/17
Like it. Bigger than I thought it would be-dominates the room, but allows us to use for gentle adult vestibular stim as well as for children. We did strip out the threads from one of the internal nuts on the side bars because they were poorly aligned. Quite a hastle drilling out the old nut and putting on a replacement. Still in all, we feel this is a cost effective way to provide vestibular stim. Dennis
Lucas J.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 09/06/17
Information that would have been useful to have prior to purchase includes the weight limit and age limit, though we all know how tricky age guidelines are when talking about children with LD and developmental delays. Would also like to point out that the description doesn't mention which of your swing frames it's compatible with, or that quick release clips are included, or how many suspension points it requires. Still, reasonably simple to assemble and being greatly enjoyed by my disabled teens siblings (as he is 52kg). I'm not sure how long the dense foam cover around the metal circular frame will last - looks like it might get scrapped and deteriorate over time, but I could be wrong. The net is a bright red colour, looks sturdy and the swing as a whole is visually appealing. The longer you set the ropes then the closer to the ground the nest will be, so the further it will swing. As long as the rope lengths are equal then it swings smoothly backwards and forwards, which is delighting the kids playing on it right now. We have it on one side of your double swing frame - I think if you wanted to swing side to side in it or around in a circle then it would have to be suspended from the two middle hanging points (leaving an empty suspension point either side of it on the double frame) in order not to hit the A frame at either side, so I don't think these movements would be safe if you were using the single frame. I think it will bring a lot of enjoyment to younger/smaller children, but the description says adults can use it too - which they can *if* they weigh under 50kg (7st 12lb). Misleading description, but a good product.
Linda L.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 23/09/16
Absolutely fantastic!!! My Autistic granddaughter finds it so calming I would recommend it to anyone with or without special needs! Many thanks. An excellent quality product Linda Langley .
Susan R.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 26/06/16
My daughter loves it!
Jennifer B.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 09/05/16
I bought this swing nest for my grandchildren, and know they will have hours of fun on it. I thought I could put this item together myself, but then realised it needed a man's strength to put it all together, so my son in law did the job for me!! This company deserves more than 5 stars !!! I have been so impressed with buying from this company, from my initial enquiry to the point of receiving this item. Tim has always been so helpful. I shall definitely be back to buy more items.
Rita C.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 11/11/15
Excellent service. Quick delivery Bought double frame to support swing, fairly easy to assemble. Just make sure you have socket for tightening bolts. One very happy child.
Samantha Y.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 23/08/15
We bought the nest swing to replace the two swings on a wooden "Plum" wooden swing and slide frame from B&Q. It was easily exchanged replacing the 2 swings for the nest swing. We used the outer two clips of the four clips for the nest swing and this was wider enough. Highly recommended and we bought this for a 12 year old boy and it is well used.