Wooden Adult Maracas

Our Ref #: 3MXMC



Large professional quality, wooden maracas, are made from selected hardwoods and hand-painted. 

A set of two is provided and colours will be based on availability.

Perfect for professionals, students, and novice players alike. Provides exceptional quality and remarkable value in highly affordable percussion accessories, for rhythm effects.
Wooden maracas are hand-held percussion instruments crafted from smooth, natural wood, designed to provide tactile and auditory stimulation in sensory environments. These maracas typically feature a cylindrical or oval-shaped body with a handle for easy gripping, allowing users to shake them to produce rhythmic sounds.
The wooden construction of these maracas offers a unique tactile experience, with the smooth texture and warm feel of the wood providing sensory input that can be both calming and engaging. The natural grain patterns and colors of the wood add visual interest, further enhancing the sensory experience.
The sound produced by wooden maracas is gentle yet distinctive, with a soft, mellow tone that is well-suited for individuals with sensory sensitivities. The rhythmic shaking of the maracas can help promote relaxation, body awareness, and auditory processing skills, making them ideal for sensory therapy sessions, music therapy, or recreational activities in sensory rooms.
In addition to their sensory benefits, wooden maracas can also be used for creative expression and social interaction. Users can experiment with different rhythms and movements, encouraging self-expression and communication through music. Group activities involving wooden maracas can foster cooperation, turn-taking, and social engagement among participants.

Strong Handles are formed as a piece construction. Soothing sound with slight vibrational feedback.

Add a set of Eazy Hold Handles to ensure a better grip and to support developing hand strength.