Calming Room Package

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Transform bedrooms, classrooms or add to your own multi-sensory environment with our most popular portable MSE items. Create a safe space for sensory stimulation, self-regulation, and processing; for users with special needs or sensory processing disorders and difficulties. Users can self-soothe, and develop motor, communication and coordination skills through calming sensory play.

  • TFH Budget Aquarium  Bubble Tube with 3 fish
  • Aura Projector with liquid wheel
  • Beautiful Mirror Ball
  • Acrylic Mirror Panels
  • Prisma Light
  • Glitter Lamp,
  • Scent & Sound Diffuser with 4 oils
  • Tranquil Turtle

Due to availability, some items may be substituted.
Transform any room into a Multi-Sensory Environment.

1 Review

Christina S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 19/07/22
it is awesome!!!!!!! my individual loves having everything in her bedroom, making it a very calming environment. i can't say enough good things about the items we received and dealing with you guys was excellent, it was so easy and quick. we are already looking through the website to see if we can find other items to order for other individuals in our care. i will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for sensory products. thanks Christina