Genie Colour Wash Kits

Our Ref #: 9CLWS

Options to choose from


Add a fun burst of colour and create a colour canvas in any room with a colour wash sensory light. This fully colour-controllable strip of light can illuminate a wall from above a line of padding or the floor from a podium, making it versatile and suitable for use as sensory room equipment. 

Fill your room with soft, colourful, interactive lights. This visual sensory toy is ideal for sensory rooms, creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere to escape in.

We have two kits to help create a unique, visual sensory space. When you use our Wireless or Genie Control Systems, you can manipulate all the equipment in a sensory room with a Bluetooth mesh system.

  • Kit A -  Starter kit which  includes Color Wash Receiver (compatible with our Wireless and Genie Controllers) and two 1 metre lengths of LED Color Wash Light Strips
  • Kit B -  is an extension to the starter kit and includes all components needed to lengthen it by 1 metre