Deluxe Portable Sensory Cart

Our Ref #: 9VCTAD


The VECTA Mobile Sensory Station is ideal where space is at a premium, such as schools,  hospitals, and nursing homes. Converts waiting rooms, treatment rooms, and bedrooms into relaxing, distracting, and empowering Multi-Sensory Environments. High functioning care teams are continually working to provide exemplary patient-centered care. A Vecta Mobile Sensory or Care Cart assists your need to provide a distraction, that is calming and engaged to residents, patients, and families alike through highly stressful and emotional times.

On an average day, people with severe cognitive impairment are bombarded with anxiety-producing stimuli that they lack the cognitive capacity to process.  The result is a (person) who is frightened, isolated, unable to express themselves, and often without the support they need to effectively cope (Auer & Blumberg, 2006). A mobile sensory cart enables predictable sensory experiences for the people you care for. Mobile sensory stations can be used as part of Child Life and Recreation Therapists strategies to reduce the pain and distress associated with care and life changes.

A mobile Sensory Care Cart can be moved easily from room to room on its sturdy wheels and requires only one plug to transform the room with the "Big 3" Multi-Sensory items: Bubble Column, Projector, and Fiber Optics.

The Vecta Deluxe includes:
Interactive Bubble Tube, Colour Controller Button Box, 100 Tails of Interactive Fibre Optics with a light source, Interactive SNAP projector, 4 TFH Effect Wheels of your choice, Auditory Sound Spa, Aroma Therapy Fan with oils, Tactile Attention Kit, Stand and Cabinet with CD/MP3/AM/FM Stereo

Ships out Quickly, fully assembled, with an easy to plug in system and equipment guide.