Dual Colour Z Liquid Timer



This three-minute timer features dual coloured liquid going down in a Z-formation, creating a cool visual effect. Multi-colored droplets bounce down a staggered plane in the shape of a Z at the same time. Track or watch the droplets make their way down, only to reform again into a larger clump at the bottom. Makes an excellent desk toy, stocking stuffer, or unique timer for the classroom. Features: Three-minute timer watches time with colored oil droplets making their way down a Z-shaped ramp Multi-colored droplets create an awesome visual effect Great for those needing to find a unique desk toy or timer for workshops or classroom timed activities. Note: Keep out of direct sunlight. Product works best at temperatures between 32-122 degree Fahrenheit (or 0-50 degrees Celsius). This product comes in different colors--we cannot guarantee what colors will be sent to customers