Wonderful Massage Tube, Smooth or Ridges


Very popular battery-operated flexible vibrating snake which allows the user to move the vibration behind their back or wrap it around the body. Stimulates the body for heightened awareness or reducing agitation when the body is over stimulated - enables the user to hyper focus on the body (for breathing exercises and reduce awareness of external/environmental stimuli) Choice of 2 speeds for you to use, a simple twist on one end enables low or high vibrations. Vibrates the entire length of the tube. Approximately 36" long. Integrated Clasp on one end allows it to be held in place or utilized the double grip clip to tighten the unit. 2 C batteries required (one at either end)

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 23" Long x 2" Diameter
  • Power: 2 x C

56 Reviews

Ruth F.Verified Buyer.
Our grandson with complex special needs loves the sensory vibrating snake!
Neva V.Verified Buyer.
It is well built. It is the second one I have bought. We use it all the time to help calm one of my students.
Emma P.Verified Buyer.
Friends daughter absolutely loves it.
Sue P.Verified Buyer.
Larger and better made than I expected.
Kristi R.Verified Buyer.
I purchased multiple snakes had to return one that didn't work. quickly got the replacement. A little bit touchy with the battery contacts needing to be just right for the vibration to work, but very soothing for our babies.
Christine S.Verified Buyer.
Grandson loves it,
Allison R.Verified Buyer.
shipped quickly. it is a little touchy, the batteries have to be put in just right for it to turn on but my husband figured that out quickly. the material is awesome, i know my sensory special needs nephew will looove playing with it
Robin D.Verified Buyer.
Una C.Verified Buyer.
Great sensory vibrating toy! Although can sometimes be hard to switch on/off due to connection - It has been a huge success.
Tom F.Verified Buyer.
Impressed for the price. Seems well made and works well. Thanks for your product.
Amy W.Verified Buyer.
Snake did not work correctly, will be contacting soon for return.
Sarah B.Verified Buyer.
The on-off setting can be tricky so you think the batteries have run out when they actually haven't. However this snake seems to give my son the sensory feedback he needs.
Pam K.Verified Buyer.
Very quick delivery. Item was beyond expectations.
Isabel H.Verified Buyer.
I personally like it feels quite soothing but I bought it for my son who is autistic and he hates it
Julie T.Verified Buyer.
I bought this for my 3 yr old granddaughter. She likes it, but I was hoping it would have been a little more flexible so it could wrap around her smaller arm or leg. Other than that, it works well and she seems to enjoy it! Thank you!
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