Corner Fibre Optic WaterFall Shelf

Our Ref #: 9FOQS

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Two Hundred Sparkling Strands of fiber optic tails provide a waterfall that gently cascades from a sturdy wooden shelf.  Run your fingers through the strings of light, braid, play with them, developing motor planning and fine motor skills. 

Thread into pool noodle slices or large pony beads as part of your Art Therapy program. Recline in a bean bag chair or a TFH Relaxer while you find peace and tranquility under soft lights. Provides a visual barrier, creating an isolated space for self regulation & sensory stimulation.

Heavy items require two people to install. Price includes 200 tails, sparkle light source (upgrade to interactive via MSE Genie App), and wooden shelf.

Product ships fully assembled. 

Excellent visual stimulation, tactile exploration, and a preferred self-regulation or communication tool.

36" x 36"

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 36" x 36"