Somacoustic Platform Bench

Our Ref #: 9RSBH


Feel the rhythm of the beat (literally) at a cellular level sitting or laying on this couch-like bench on raised Somacoustic Platform. Choose any music you please (from lively to calming) to stimulate the desired mood. Takes music therapy to a whole new level and your sensory room or program beyond what the body anticipated! Choose calming music to help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety and promote peace and relaxation, or choose something more upbeat for a stimulative effect. 

This system uses Bluetooth technology to pair with your MP3 player, phone, or tablet to provide music.

Unlike older systems, this system allows you to stream music to stereo speakers, as well as to the platform. This allows you to control the volume of the music as well as the level of vibration desired. You can choose to add Bookshelf Speakers, In-Ceiling speakers, or Wall-Mounted Speakers to create the perfect setup for your room and they easily attach to the Somacoustic Sound Controller

Please note: you must use your own device (phone, tablet, etc.) to send music to the platform and speakers. Also, this system does not include music.

This system is designed to allow streaming of music to bookshelf stereo speakers as well as to the platform, allowing independent control of the ambient volume of the music and the level of vibration desired. Adult supervision is required.

You must use your own Bluetooth device (phone, tablet, etc.) to send music to the platform and speakers.

Needs a Somacoustic Sound Controller if you do not already have one to convert the music into cellular level vibratory Hz.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 24" w x 72" L x 16" H