Projector Effect Wheel, Coloured Bubbles

Our Ref #: 9NBUB



A visual of Soap Bubbles floating across your Sensory Room Walls. With a magnetic adapter, this sensory projector wheel enables easy switching of the images as needed in your sensory room.

The wheel is a 6 inch diameter wheel and provides abstract effects of multiple images of coloured bubbles. It is designed to be used alone or with a prism, panoramic rotator, or multiplying mirror, in order to create a floating and moving bubble effect in your calming and soothing sensory rooms.

The wheel is a projection accessory to any of these Sensory Room Projectors: Solar Projector (9NPRS), TFH SNAP Projector (9BRPJ), Aura Projector (9AUPJ), each sold separately on this website. 

A Wheel Rotator is included with the cost of all of our Projectors.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6" diameter wheel