Personal Calming Sensory Kit

Our Ref #: 9PCSK



A perfect kit packed with our most popular sensory tools and sensory solutions for teens and adults. Our Self Regulating Sensory Kit helps teens and adults channel their energy, achieve calm, and self regulate with minimum supervision. Use to address disruptive behaviour and deescalate high emotions or transition times.

Favourite sensory tools for Teens Adults and gender neutral with age appropriate resources.

  • Supports teens and adults with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder
  • Tools for fine motor skills, calming and self regulation, focused construction, tactile exploration and hand-eye coordination, and scent control.
  • Fidgets that they use at the computer

Help your Teen Adult become Self Aware

When we learn some of the problem areas, this can also help teach the teen to become more self-aware of what some of their needs may be. The ultimate goal is for our teen to be able to self-regulate themselves on their own without our help so that they can be at their optimal functional level during the day. When the teens learn to self-regulate on their own this will help them through their everyday life skills and routines.

Hand Held Infinity LED Mirror
Wonderful Massage tube green - with hi/low settings
Vibrating Microbead Bolster Pillow
Small Bumpy Pressure Massage Ball
Diffuser with Aroma option and Frosted lights
Jacobs Ladder
Item styles may vary slightly based on availability

Personal use items. For hygienic reasons, this kit is not returnable.